Rolla Police launch particulars of lethal shootings over baby custody

Rolla police report that a man is dead after a shootout on Monday that was sparked by a child custody dispute.

Investigators say Rolla’s Devin Johnson, 27, went to a house where Rolla’s Terry Brown, 27, lived.

Police say when the argument heated up, Brown pulled a gun from his home and shot Johnson’s car multiple times.

But Johnson also had a gun.

“Shots were exchanged between the two, only the victim was hit. That victim later died in the hospital, ”said Sean Fagan, Rolla Police Chief.

He tells KRMS News Johnson was later arrested, but not because of the shooting “We questioned the suspect to the police, at this point there are no charges.”

Chief Fagan tells KRMS News that Johnson’s arrest was based on a pending and unrelated warrant.

The investigation continues and we will provide more details as they come in.

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