Royal drama: After a messy divorce, King Felipe’s sister has to pay 25,000 euros in maintenance

Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin came to court in 2016 to testify in the Noos case. Image by Zixia/Shutterstock

A MESSY divorce case between Spanish Infanta Cristina and her ex-husband Iñaki Urdangarin could see King Felipe’s sister face a monthly bill of 25,000 euros in alimony.

The royal couple’s split was announced a year ago after it was revealed that Urdangarin had cheated on the Infanta with a work colleague.

But the final divorce papers have not yet been signed due to an ongoing battle over the terms of the separation, now centered on Urdangarin’s youngest daughter, Irene.

Irene Urdangarin turns 18 in June, after which the couple meet at the notary to sign the contract. If this happens before then, the signing would have to take place in court because the daughter is a minor.

Either way, it looks like Infanta Cristina will have to pay the former Olympic handball champion 25,000 euros a month for Irene’s upkeep, plus 2 million euros in compensation and the transfer of ownership of several large estates.

According to Diez Minutos, the sheer magnitude of the numbers hasn’t surprised analysts, who have hinted they could be part of a deal to compensate Urdangarin for claiming sole responsibility for the Noos corruption scandal allegedly involving the Spanish royal family Urdangarin is sentenced to nearly six years in prison for embezzling an estimated €6 million in public funds for sporting events.


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