Rumbling in Idibia’s home: Annie threatens to fireside 2face for alleged infidelity

These are not exactly good times for afro-pop singer 2face Idibia’s family as his wife Annie shocked many of his fans and music lovers on Thursday night when she revealed that their marriage to 2face may be falling apart.

In a long post on her Instagram story early Friday morning, Annie, a successful actress and entrepreneur, called her husband and accused him of having an affair with one of his baby moms, who is simply called Pero while the singer is visiting the United States.

Annie, who said she was running out of patience, claimed she had taken so much from 2face over the years, adding that patience doesn’t make her an innocent fool. She also accused the 2face family of failing to show their love and insisted that no matter how hard they tried, the singer’s family never loved her.

In her words: “I am a patient woman. I’m not a fool, innocent. Your family never loved me from the start. No matter how hard I tried, I was never worthy of them. I made so many sacrifices for you and all of your children. God knows I tried. Your baby moms keep using your kids as an excuse for all sorts of trash.

“I try to be friendly. You are not the first man on the planet to have children from different women. You can do better than that. All I do is show the good person who you are. But today Efe, Frankie and your family’s move is unacceptable. “

Claiming 2face was still seeing Pero, Annie questioned the singer’s decision to spend the night at her house during one of his trips to the United States.

“What kind of man takes his children and spent the night with his children and their mother in the same apartment? How often did you go to see your children with Pero and she spent the night with you under one roof, ”she said.

The mother of two girls removed Idibia from her name on Instagram early Friday morning when she was done with the marriage, but returned it a few hours later after allegedly persuading her to overturn her decision.

Fans were divided over Annie’s decision to move 2face into the public square, as some of them condemned her action while others felt it was best if other options to solve the problem appeared to have failed.

While 2face has remained silent on the matter, R’s results on Friday showed that the singer was shocked by Annie’s revelation but was advised to remain silent.


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