Rusape Man kills ex girlfriend for infidelity

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Rusape Man kills ex girlfriend for infidelity

A RUSAPE man is said to have attacked and killed his former partneraccused her of infidelity.

The suspect, Shadreck Murimi, 40, from the village of Bwanya, Chief Makoni, Rusape, has since appeared before the local judge, Gift Manyika, on charges of murder.

Murimi was taken into custody after being recommended filing a bail petition with the High Court.

Judge Manyika refused to give him bail, saying Murimi has a pending trial and is likely to flee and not have a permanent residence due to the severity of the matter.

The state represented by Joice Tinarwo claims that Murimi and the now deceased Bester Zamba drank beer in the Muchida Mufaro bottle in the St. Theresa Business Center in Rusape on June 6 of this year.

While drinking beer, the court learned that a misunderstanding had arisen after Murimi accused his now deceased lover of infidelity.

Murimi began attacking Zamba, and the now deceased was injured from the abuse.

Fellow guests in the bar stopped the suspect from attacking Zamba, who reportedly left the pump room while the suspect followed her.

It is further alleged that around 7:00 pm that same day, the suspect filled a “scud” container with some water that he had taken to a gum plantation to wash the bleeding face of his now deceased lover.

The incident was watched by Mathew Tsandukwa, who was helping with a flashlight.

The court was further told that the same day after the closure of the bottle shops, the suspect was seen by Nomore Murimi and Ngwarayi Agoneka, who again attacked his lover with a counter.

Murimi allegedly accused the woman of refusing to leave the business center.

Nomore and Agonekwa managed to hold back the suspect, after which the couple left the warring couple together.

On June 7, around 7:30 a.m., the body of the deceased was identified along a footpath by a Chipo Chimusoro, who drew the attention of other villagers to the shocking sight.

A report was filed with the police who visited the scene and secured counters allegedly used to attack the deceased.

The deceased’s body was taken to Rusape County Hospital for an autopsy.

The suspect, who was on the run, was arrested by police on June 11th.

The autopsy report and switches recovered from the scene were presented in court as exhibits from New Zimbabwe reports.

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