Russell Knight, a Naples alimony attorney, publishes articles on cohabitation and alimony in Florida

Russell Knight ( of the Russell Knight law firm in Naples recently published an insightful article on cohabitation and alimony in Florida. The article provides valuable information on how cohabitation affects child support payments and the legal processes related to these issues in the state of Florida.

In the first paragraphs of the article, Russell Knight, a Naples alimony attorney, emphasizes the fact that alimony in a Florida divorce will be awarded if the court determines that one party is in need of maintenance and the other party is solvent. The article goes on to explain that if the ex-spouse who is receiving alimony moves in with a boyfriend or remarries, it could be assumed that the new partner is now supporting the ex-spouse, and the old ex -Spouses should also be exempt from maintenance obligations. However, this is not the case under Florida law.

According to Naples alimony attorney Russell Knight, “Cohabitation is a basis for changing alimony after a Florida divorce.” He adds that the onus of proving a supportive relationship is on the person trying to reduce alimony or terminate (the alimony payer). The article goes further into the factors a court may consider when determining whether a supportive relationship exists and the various steps a court must take to change alimony based on cohabitation.

The article also discusses the concept of proof of a supportive relationship and the possible defenses that the dependent spouse can use. For example, you could argue that the new partner isn’t really helping the child supporter much. However, Knight points out that Florida law does not consistently require the payee’s ex-spouse to prove that they need child support after a supportive relationship has been proven.

The article also highlights the importance of clear contractual terms in maintenance agreements. The parties can agree on certain conditions under which child support will be reduced or stopped, making the process easier for everyone involved. In addition, the article clarifies that any request to change alimony applies only retrospectively to the date of filing. However, if the parties have agreed in their prenuptial agreement that the alimony ends on cohabitation, the alimony ends on cohabitation and not the filing date.

To better understand the complexities of cohabitation and child support payments in Florida, read the article by Naples-based child support attorney Russell Knight. The detailed analysis and legal insights provided can be invaluable to individuals facing these issues during or after a divorce.

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