Ryan Giggs is alleged to have headbutted his girlfriend and ‘tortured’ her over his alleged infidelity

In a row over his alleged infidelity, Ryan Giggs is said to have headbutted his girlfriend at his £1.7million home and subjected her to a “litany of physical and psychological abuse”.

This was announced in court today.

The 48-year-old former Manchester United player has been accused of molesting his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 36, between August 2017 and November 2020.

He is also accused of assaulting Emma Greville, her sister, and causing real bodily harm to her at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

Speaking to Minshull Street Court in Manchester, prosecutor Peter Wright QC said that Giggs’ personal life “entailed a litany of abuse by a woman he pretended to love”.

When Ms Greville banned Giggs from social media, he wrote to her threatening to give her friends photos of an “intimate nature” until she complied, the court heard.

He reportedly harassed Ms Greville and showed up at her home or gym when he wasn’t invited.

“It wasn’t a declaration of love,” said Mr. Wright, “it’s compulsive behavior on his part.”

A note from Giggs reading “Please unblock me” was referenced by Mr. Wright. This blocking nonsense is a waste of time. I keep my word – no more nude photos.

A short time later, Giggs sent an email with an attachment and the word “blackmail” in the subject line.

Questions today as to whether the jury personally knew Sir Alex Ferguson, former defense attorney Gary Neville or businessman David Gill has raised suspicions that the three men would play a role in the trial.

In each case, Giggs has entered a not-guilty plea.

During the case’s opening statement, the prosecutor, Peter Wright QC, described the defendant as being revered by his staunch supporters and admirers. His skills on the field were varied and stunning.

We contend that the facts show that off the field, in the seclusion of his own private life at home or behind closed doors, his character held a darker and more evil aspect.

This man’s private life included a long list of physical and psychological abuse against a woman he claimed to love.

“A lady who, in truth, was treated in a manner which could not be justified or disregarded by an admiring public or by the law,” the evidence reads.

Unfortunately, the truth was very different from the woman who thought she was loved and respected was being controlled and coerced in this narrative.

“Finally, after years of turmoil, as the scales fell from her eyes, she realized she had to withdraw from his sphere of influence,” the lawyer concluded.

Mr Wright said the November 1, 2020 incident, when Giggs allegedly “lost control” and headbutted Ms Greville, was caused by that decision to split.

That evening, while out with friends at the Stock Exchange Hotel in Manchester, Ms Greville made the decision to break up with them, according to Mr Wright.

She was aware that the accused had cheated on her again, he said.

She decided to leave early throughout the evening because of the defendant’s behavior towards her. She texted her sister outlining her strategy before heading home.

She had intended to leave before he returned from the motel. The strategy failed.

“When she left the defendant’s home address, he came back and started yelling with her and tried to stop her from leaving,” prosecutors allege.

According to prosecutors, she used his phone as a “negotiation chip” to convince him not to stop her from leaving.

After a heated argument, Giggs struggled to take her phone, which Mr. Wright said was later discovered hanging from a fence post in the property’s backyard.

They fought on the ground during the ensuing brawl until Ms Greville’s sister intervened, according to court witnesses.

According to Mr. Wright, Emma Greville attempted to snatch the accused from her sister.

We allege that the defendant intentionally elbowed her in the jaw to cause her pain and astonishment at his decision to use violence against her and her sister.

The argument between Kate Greville and the accused went into the kitchen. Her cell phone was the subject of their ongoing argument.

It was at this point, according to our account, that the defendant completely lost control and intentionally headbutted Kate, resulting in bruised and swollen lips. After that, Emma called the police, who came to the scene of the crime.

Mr. Wright told the jury that he would produce a “snapshot” of the nature of the defendant’s connection to Ms. Greville, a woman nearly ten years his junior.

The jury was told he had violently pushed her and her belongings from the flat where they were living during an altercation in a London hotel room, during which Ms Greville questioned him about another lady and threw an object at him.

Giggs’ lawyer Chris Daw QC said the former player fully acknowledges that his moral behavior was “far from flawless” at times during their time together.

Despite the tense situation, Mr Daw said he never once used criminal violence against Ms Greville throughout their relationship.

“His reaction to the attacks is straightforward. These accusations are supported by untruths, exaggerations and distortions. He didn’t attack anyone.

Kate Greville told her friends in the weeks before that she was determined not to leave the relationship empty-handed.

He said that Ms Greville kicked him in the face as he tried to free himself from Giggs after they both fell on the floor in his kitchen.

He alleged that Ms Greville was not even aware that the applicant’s sister was there at the time and did not elbow her.

The evidence would show there was only “minimal and unintentional contact” between their faces, not a headbutt as claimed, he said.

In direct contrast to Ms. Greville’s portrayal, he said, “Mr. Giggs did not dominate or coerce in any way.”

The court was told that Ms Greville worked for Giggs’ own company, GG Hospitality, as well as for PR agency Tangerine during part of the alleged controlling conduct.

According to Mr. Daw, his client supported her career aspirations and introduced the majority of her clients as she started her own business and began earning a six-figure income.

He said Ms Greville has always been completely independent financially and has the freedom to see friends and travel.

Following a leave of absence from November 2020, Giggs stepped down as manager of the Wales national team in June.

Manchester United won 13 Premier League championships, two Champions League trophies, four FA Cups and three League Cups while at Old Trafford.

He has made 64 appearances in Wales and is part-owner of League Two side Salford City.

In 2013, Ms Greville helped Giggs promote his establishment, Hotel Football, which he co-founded with former United colleague Gary Neville.

In December 2017, he filed for divorce from Stacey.

Giggs rekindled his romance with lingerie model Zara Charles, 33, who had “supported” him during the allegations.

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