SABER launches security app with GPS monitoring and warnings and gives a preview of the linked SMART pepper spray at CES 2021

SABER personal safety app

The SABER Personal Safety app, available now on the App Store and Google Play, can be used independently or with the SMART Pepper Spray that will be available in April 2021. This app is perfect for anyone with a mobile lifestyle that tries to stay safe and connected with loved ones, and that allows them to go out into the world with confidence. With the free SABER app, the user can notify five contacts that the user is in danger at the touch of a button and share their location with their contacts. In addition, the app will serve as a hub for personal safety information with updated safety tips and content, as well as safety training videos that will be added later this year.

SABER Connected SMART pepper spray

SABER has designed the connected SMART Pepper Spray product to work seamlessly with the Personal Safety App, so pre-selected contacts can be notified immediately when the user’s spray has been used. In addition, with the premium option of the Personal Safety App (available for a $ 4.99 monthly fee), Noonlight sends emergency personnel to the user’s live location when the spray has been deployed.

Before using the SMART Pepper Spray, users are asked to download the free SABER Personal Safety app and pair their device using a Bluetooth connection. After pairing, the SABER Personal Safety App sends SMS notifications to up to five assigned contacts when using the spray. The warning text message contains a map link with the user’s location, while a geo-tracking feature continues to track the user after the first “help” warning. If an alert is sent by mistake, users can cancel it by entering a security PIN that they set up during installation.

“We’re looking for innovative ways to improve our product line and keep our friends, family and customers safe,” he said David Nance, CEO of SABER. “We strive to incorporate new technology and seek innovative partnerships to build our customers’ trust and enable them to leave their homes with the comfort of knowing they are prepared for an unsafe situation.”

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