Safaree Refuses To Pay Alimony, Erica Mena Fights For Major Custody Of Their Daughter And Unborn Baby!

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Safaree is open to allowing Erica Mena exclusive use of their shared home, but the Love & Hip Hop star is not agreeing to letting his soon-to-be-ex have primary custody of their children. TMZ has obtained legal documents which confirm that Safaree is asking for joint legal custody, meaning an active role in making parenting decisions for their baby daughter, Safire, and their second child, who is due next month. 

Safaree also wants regular uninterrupted time with his children and believes that an active and consistent parenting role is in the best interest of the children. 

As reported last month, Erica Mena, filed for divorce from Safaree on May 21—and ditched her wedding ring the very next day. Erica asked to be awarded primary custody of the couple’s one-year-old child and asked the court to require Safaree to pay temporary child support until the case is settled. The VH1 star plans to stay in the family home and wants the court to force Safaree to leave the residence. Erica hired Randall Kessler to handle the case, a tough divorce lawyer who has repped many high-profile celebrity clients, including Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, NeNe LeakesChristina Milian, and NFL star Braylon Edwards.

Safaree seems to be open to Erica’s request to have exclusive use of the family home if he can be removed from any liability involving the property, via a mortgage refinance. He clarified that he’s asking for a cut in any equity in the property determined in the process. He is also asking to maintain possession of their vehicles and all personal property individually acquired during the marriage. He wants the court to deny Erica’s alimony request and is asking the court to determine individual child support obligations.  

The couple wed in a secret ceremony on October 7, 2019. The duo first connected on the VH1 series, “Scared Famous,” in 2017, and began dating at the end of 2018. Safaree proposed after the couple had been dating one month. The pair tied the knot at the Legacy Castle in New Jersey. Erica gave birth to their daughter, Safire, in February 2020.

The couple’s relationship has been a bumpy ride, and the pair has not been shy about sharing their relationship rollercoaster on social media. 

As reported in February, Safaree tweeted that he was “walking away” from their marriage and Erica wasted no time firing back. 

Erica blasted her response to her husband’s since-deleted tweet, which he posted on February 23.

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart getting married was 1 of my BIGGEST mistakes and it will never happen again. I’m walking away before I End up in jail over some dumb shit. Nobody is worth my freedom!!!”, the “Credit” rapper tweeted.

“Since you always run to social media like a little girl I might as well join in. I absolutely agree with you on this. You are the most selfish, vain and inconsiderate person. And not just with me but your only daughter!” Erica responded. 

Erica followed up with a second tweet, promising to back off the social media slam.

“Out of RESPECT for my daughter and to honor my growth as a woman. I’m going to get back to doing what I do best. Make money and be only about my business. Entertaining social media with my issues isn’t my thing.”

“Don’t let this Scorpio sting,” she concluded.

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