Salient Recovery Inc fights for truthful redemption charges for repo brokers

Salient Recovery Inc is a take back trucking company based in Texas that has just started operations. The agency accepts garnishments, skipping the debtor’s tracks and assigning the garnishment to an agent who can collect the collateral. That’s not much different than what other trucking companies are currently doing.

Paul Brown, the CEO of Salient Recovery Inc., was a foreclosure agent who owned a repo business. “I know how trucking companies have taken profits.” Mr. Brown explains. Mr. Brown ran a take-back company that did business with some of the larger trucking companies. “What they forget is the operating expenses that take-back companies have. We have payroll, fuel, truck payments, insurance, real estate leasing and more.” Mr. Brown set out to form a company that will put the attachment agent first. “My goal is to help the redemption companies stay profitable and get home safe every night.” Mr. Brown explains, “I need the help of both the redemption companies and the lenders to keep everyone profitable.” Paul continues: “If we had shot at repossessing a car, the carrier would just reassign the case. They didn’t care if you died or came to work the next day. We take care.”

Salient Recovery Inc currently employs 11 team members who skip trace cases and work with lender updates. The office phone keeps ringing as agents talk to lenders and foreclosure agents alike. A simple statement hangs on the wall in the office. “We have one goal, which is to get home safely every night.” When asked to clarify the statement, Mr Brown said: “We do this job to pay bills and take care of the family. We just want to make it home at the end of the day.”

If you have a car that requires repossession, skip tracing, secondary placement or hard assignment, contact Salient Recovery Inc. The team welcomes all lienholders to contact them regarding repossession assignments.

About Salient Recovery Inc

Salient Recovery Inc starts operations in take back trucking business with good reputation as take back company.

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