Sarah Fraisou and Oussama as a pair? Ex-candidate reveals how she came upon about her infidelity

Osama’s ex-girl bluntly balances how she found out that the candidate cheated on her with Sarah Fraisou.

It becomes clearer between them! Sarah Fraisou and Oussama definitely seem to be in a relationship if we believe this new evidence. A supposed romance that already gets people talking. And for good reason, it seems to have been born of delusion. At least that’s what the candidate’s ex-girlfriend says. In a private message to the Instagram @mayamo_tv account, the young woman said: “Of course she (Sarah) knew about it. We spent an evening together where Sarah, Osama and I were. She knew very well that I was with her. At that party, Osama made it clear to everyone that he was with me, so she was aware of that. “

Sarah Fraisou and Oussama as a couple?  Ex-candidate reveals how she found out about her infidelity

Osama would have cheated on his ex with Sarah Fraisou – Credit (s): Instagram its_mlll / mayamo_tv

According to his confidentiality, Osama would never have put an end to their romance. In fact, the former Beijing Express candidate would have started fooling around with Sarah Fraisou while he was still dating his sweetheart. The latter revealed that she had learned everything on social media: “At no point did he tell me that it was about him and me. I myself was shocked to see Sarah’s story earlier. ”Overwhelming confidence that will make people react. Will the main players reveal their versions of the facts? Case follows. In the meantime, find out if Ahmed is jealous of the rapprochement between Sarah Fraisou and Oussama.

Photo credit: Instagram mayamo_tv / its_mlll
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