Saudi dissident stabbed to dying in Beirut over youngster custody dispute

Manea Al-Yami’s stabbing on Saturday at his home in southern Beirut appears to be a family feud.

Al-Yami was reportedly married to his brother’s former wife, identified as AM. According to a security officer close to the investigation, the victim’s two brothers, AM and HM, broke into Al-Yami’s home and beat him to death with a bludgeoning dagger and proceeded to flee the scene.

The brothers were found that same evening along with the murder weapon.

According to the Middle East Eye, Al-Yami had reportedly told AM before the stabbing that he might not see his three children again. Disputes about divorce and custody rights are suspected to be the motive.

Al-Yami moved to Beirut in 2015 and registered as a UN refugee with his wife and family. He became most active in his dissidence after moving to Lebanon.

In the same year he founded an NGO called the “Right and Justice Movement” and in 2020 he helped found the National Assembly Party (NAAS), an opposition organization.

At the time, Al-Yami sought asylum abroad out of concern for the security situation in Lebanon.

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