Search ongoing to seek out kayak, no stories of lacking or on board but

St Thomas rescue teams gathered in Hull Bay to begin a land search for a kayak that was spotted adrift Saturday night. (Sian Cobb photo)

Although a rescue plane and lifeboat were deployed by the US Coast Guard and an additional patrol from St. Thomas Rescue combed the land around Hull Bay, there have not yet been any reports of anyone missing in the waters off the north side of St. Thomas. just a distress call received around 5:50pm regarding sighting of a kayak in the water.

Ricardo Castrodad, spokesman for the San Juan Coast Guard Sector, spoke to the source around 8 p.m. and said when the call came in there was nothing to indicate anyone was on board the vessel, although the search for the kayak started at 9 p.m :30 am just in progress was case.

“There were no reports of anyone on board or any sign of distress or debris,” he said. “A plane and ship have been dispatched to locate the kayak, which they are still trying to locate, to confirm but there is nothing on a missing person at this time.”

Liston Thomas of St Thomas Rescue said his teams were conducting the search by land, deploying agents near Dorothea, Neltejberg and Caret Bay. No further details were available at press time.

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