Senate Home Upkeep Adjustments Filed

After years of debates on the subject, proposals for the revision of the state’s maintenance laws for the 2021 legislative period have emerged.

It is. Joe Gruterim and rep. Anthony Rodriguez far-reaching invoices submitted (SB 1922 and HB 1559) on Monday, including the abolition of so-called “permanent” alimony payments.

Legislators have repeatedly thought about maintenance overhauls in recent years, with the proposals dying during the 2020 session. Former governor Rick Scott, who is now a US Senator, has twice vetoed maintenance proposals. In his second veto in 2016, Scott accused an even more controversial custody component that was included in this year’s version of the bill. In 2013, Scott vetoed another version, objecting that maintenance changes could have been applied retrospectively. The 2021 session begins on Tuesday.


Reprinted with permission from the News Service of Florida.

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