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In our country, it is estimated that three out of four children from separated parents do not receive maintenance on time and in the correct form. In many cases, these defaulters are likely to report a lower salary than they actually receive, or to report no income to avoid the obligation. Here we tell you what the initiative proposed by the Senator of the Morena Group, Nancy Guadalupe Sánchez, is against parents who do not adhere to maintenance.

With this in mind, the Senator of Morena Bank is launching an initiative aimed at creating a “National Register of Maintenance Debtors for Debtors” for parents who do not comply with their maintenance obligations for more than 90 days.

The Senate takes action against parents who do not pay maintenance. Photo: Pixabay.

This approach was published in the Official Journal of the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union on January 13, 2021, with the aim of giving the judges in family matters of the states of the Mexican Republic the power to order the registration of the data of parents who fail to fulfill their obligation in time and form the provisional or definitive annuity determined by resolution or court agreement.

The initiative also requires that non-compliant parents be fined 10 to 50 days of minimum wage who have not updated their situation in the national register for more than 180 days.

In addition, the senator said another benefit of the database is to prevent them from getting married in the event that some of the parents are registered as alimony debtors. And he added that the changes to the federal code are aimed at paying particular attention to girls and boys, and taking effective measures that will protect and promote the development of infants and adolescents in Mexico.

Maintenance is a legal right in our country for children of separated parents. The right is that every two weeks or months a certain amount of money must be deposited or transferred to the father or mother who are responsible for the minors. Subsistence needs consist of: food, clothes, shoes, education, entertainment, school supplies, and anything related to the health of the parents.

The maintenance time will last until the minors reach the majority age of 18, except in some cases which can be up to 21 years if the children are studying at the university.

Parents are obliged to feed their children. If the parents are disabled, this obligation applies to the ascendants of the two closest parties.

Maintenance can be requested through a complaint to a family court. However, it is not always the father or mother who makes this complaint as another relative could take custody of the child or, in some cases, even act as prosecutor

Some of the documents required for the maintenance claim are: birth certificate of the underage children, complaint to the appropriate courts, list of expenses related to the needs of the children.

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