Shakira followers play Gerard Pique 1-Zero at Real Madrid, USA for his infidelity at FC Barcelona. Soccer

FC Barcelona defender ​​Gerard Pique was booed by supporters of Colombian singer Shakira in a friendly Superclassico in which Barca beat Real Madrid 1-0 at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise City, Nevada state (USA). joined).

With every touch, free-kick and corner kick, fans of the 45-year-old Barranquilla player clashed with Spain in South Africa 2010 for being unfaithful to a 22-year-old woman they had met a month earlier. ,

PK’s horns don’t forgive Shakira

Gerard Pique touched the ball and was booed by the entire public who visited the Las Vegas stadium to see the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“Shakira, Shakira, Shakira,” they shouted in support of the Colombian singer

— Gabriel Ramos (@periodistagabo) July 24, 2022

Since the betrayal was uncovered, the 35-year-old has moved into a luxurious apartment in an exclusive area of ​​Barcelona, ​​​​where divorce proceedings began. Don’t gossip like He revealed on his YouTube channel a few days ago that he had access to a formal settlement presented to the Spanish footballer by the Barranquilla singer’s lawyers.

According to the document, the artist will assume all expenses reasonable for Sasha and Milan’s upkeep. In addition, he would be willing to pay 20% of the defense attorney’s debt, which would total $2.5 million.

Commenting on Pique’s whistles, his teammate Jordi Alba said: “Well, I don’t know what’s causing those whistles. Yes, it’s true we’ve heard it, but I don’t think they give it much. Let’s worry, ie…” he smiled wryly.

“We already know him. It is to be admired: zero pressure he has when playing. He thinks whistling motivates him a lot more than clapping. He’s been watching those beeps or boos for a long time but, I repeat, I don’t think he’ll lose sleep over it,” he concluded.

Regarding the clash, Alba said: “I saw a lot of people from Barca (in Las Vegas). Whenever we come to the United States, we see people’s affection. And today was a classic, It was a friendly match, but it’s always a classic (…). There is nothing friendly in the Classics and it is important to keep winning at the end,” he said at the post-match press conference.

A brilliant left-footed shot from Brazil’s Rafinha saw Barcelona beat Madrid 1-0 in that unusual pre-season classic. (D)

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