Shannen Doherty accuses ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko of delaying divorce to avoid child support payments

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Subscribe to Google Shannen Doherty lashes out at ex Kurt Iswarienko: Man delays divorce in hopes her death will prevent him from paying child support The Beverly Hills 90210 actress was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2020. She claims her monthly income continues to decline while she battles the disease, which is why she counted on her ex-husband for financial support. However, according to documents obtained by People, the 53-year-old has still not received a response to many of her requests for financial information on Kurt Iswarienko's original photo archive. Shannen Doherty and cancer, therapy rekindles the actress's hope for a new life: “I call it a miracle” “It's not fair at all that Kurt is allowed to delay the divorce in the hope that I die before he is forced to pay me, while he goes on with his life and evades the responsibilities he has towards the woman who was his wife for eleven years and who is now dying,” explains Shannen Doherty in the documents. The lawyer denied this claim, explaining that the actress was offered a settlement in October 2023, demonstrating his willingness to find a solution, but which she refused: “Kurt is not waiting for Shannen to die,” said Katherine Heersema, “he wants the best for Shannen and wants them both to be able to put this story behind them and move on.” Shannen Doherty: “I'm organizing my funeral, I don't have much time left. I'll make a guest list.” The rejection, Shannen explains, was due to the fact that the agreement “avoided questions related to his original works created during the marriage” and his financial income from them. The 53-year-old is demanding $15,434 a month, which would allow her to keep her current health insurance. Shannen Doherty also accuses her ex of living an extravagant life while she has no access to the funds, her plane or the vacation home in Texas: “Kurt uses the plane, spends thousands of dollars on spas, jewelers, Gucci items, flights … and at the same time he claims he has no money to support me.”

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