Sharon Osbourne “blames herself” for Ozzy’s infidelity all through her marriage

Sharon Osbourne admitted that she was partially responsible for her husband Ozzy Osbourne’s infidelity.

The 62-year-old former X-Factor judge has been married to the legendary rock star for 38 years, but recently admitted that she wasn’t always there when Ozzy needed her.

Though their marriage came with some troubles, the iconic couple always worked through their differences and stayed together.

The Black Sabbath frontman has since admitted that he “regrets” cheating on his loving wife, but Sharon stated that it wasn’t just him because she sometimes wasn’t there to hold his hand.

Despite feeling “hurt, pain, humiliation and embarrassment”, Sharon had vowed not to get divorced after the heartbreaking scandals.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been married for 38 years

“It’s a very, very tough call,” Sharon said on The Talk, according to The Daily Star.

“It’s like, ‘hey obviously it doesn’t work because you wouldn’t.'”

The mother of three then stated that she “wasn’t there when Ozzy needed her”.

“Then you look back and have to bear some of the blame: work a lot, not there when he needed me.”

Sharon and Ozzy renewed their vows in 2016

She added, “When you are used to having someone hold your hand, your entire career by your side, it is very difficult when they are not around.

“It was my fault. You don’t trust.”

While Sharon admitted that she was part of the burden, it had also taken her years to overcome the pain of her husband’s infidelity.

Even so, Sharon has vowed to hold her head up and keep working on her lasting romance.

She continued, “But you know if you still love her, even through the pain, the pain humiliation, the embarrassment, everything that comes with it and all that, you choose to stay, hold your head up and go: ‘ Okay, I’m staying. ‘”

Sharon and Ozzy got married in 1982

Sharon and Ozzy share three children

Ozzy and Sharon tied the knot in 1982 and share three children.

However, the couple also split briefly for a few months in 2016 after reports surfaced that Ozzy had been unfaithful to hairdresser Michelle Pugh.

Sharon then forgave Ozzy on The Talk, and the couple actually renewed their vows in Las Vegas.

In early 2020, Sharon’s husband announced that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and that, with the support of his family, he was bravely fighting the disease.

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