“She was with another guys”: Shaquille O’Neal, who pays Shaunie $50,000 in youngster help, was as soon as cheated on by his girlfriend

Shaquille O’Neal became so famous for his athletic talent that even Hollywood actresses like Halle Berry knew about him when he was in college. Women were crazy about O’Neal. Maybe it was his talent, maybe his fame or success. Whatever the case, Shaquille O’Neal enjoyed the worship, and he, in turn, worshiped women. But in college, that worship brought him heartbreak.

Cheating is nothing new to O’Neal. He was “implicated” in several such incidents. In fact, O’Neal admitted to cheating on Shaunie on multiple occasions.

Long before he became an NBA superstar and his life was a public museum, Shaquille O’Neal was heartbroken by a college friend.

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Shaquille O’Neal was cheated on by an ex-girlfriend

Diesel revealed a rather sad story about his early life in his book Shaq Uncut. He claimed there was a girl in his college that he absolutely adored. Shaq believed that his relationships with women have always faced problems, and this case was no different.

The 7′ ft 1″ star confessed he was madly in love with the girl from LSU. But despite claiming to reverse the same feelings, she cheated behind Shaquille O’Neal’s back. When Shaq heard this, he was heartbroken.

Shaq: I won’t lie to you. My relationships with women have not always been the best. It started at LSU when I fell in love with a girl who was stalking me behind my back. She was with me, but when I wasn’t looking, she was with some other guys too. I was so blinded by love that I didn’t see it coming. Looking back, I think she was more in love with the glamor of my life than just caring about me.”

Diesel’s cheating led to a costly divorce settlement with Shaunie O’Neal

In his future, Shaq became just like the woman who hurt him. He fell into infidelity and regularly cheated on his ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal. His refusal to be faithful to her cost him his marriage to her.


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A messy divorce ensued and Shaq was ordered to pay Shaunie hefty alimony. Every month he owed his ex-wife $10,000 in child support and $10,000 for each of his four children. A small price to pay considering the damage O’Neal’s actions have caused to Shaunie and his children.

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