Shipping protocol: ICSO, GPD, CPD | police and fire brigade

Medical Bridge St White Bird; Medical Main Street Riggins; Fish & Game Cottonwood Territory Violations/Transfer to Fish & Game; Arrest of 32-year-old Grangeville woman over Lewis County warrant W Main St; Entering Salmon River Rd/No Message; Possible Suicidal Threats Holmes Crossing Rd/Unable to Locate; Reckless Driving on Hwy 95 MP 240/Transferred to ISP; Free-roaming cows Hwy 95 MP 216; 911 Hanger Hwy 95 N/No Report;

Medical Idaho St.; Medical Larradon Dr.; Missing person x2, found & OK, Kooskia area/no report; Deer must be shipped Big Cedar/transferred to Fish & Game; Welfare Check Ridgewood Dr/No Report; One vehicle accident with no personal injuries Crooked River Rd MP 8/Pending; Trespassing Ping St/No Report – Civil Law; Reporting a possible DUI Ridgewood Dr./unable to locate; Reckless Driving Leitch Creek/No Report; Welfare Check Skyline Dr/No Report; Illegal logging report Hwy 12 MP 90/delivered to Forest Service; grass fire Shenandoah Subdivision; Theft Wild Plum Ln/Report Taken;

Medical N Myrtle St; harassment South Scott St; Trespassing W Main St;

suicide threats Broadway Ave; Medical Broadway Avenue;

Medical S Riggins Main Street; Suspicious Activity Slate Creek Rd/No Report; A reckless driving complaint led to the arrest of a 26-year-old man from Spokane Valley, WA for excessive DUI/Open Container Hwy 95 MP 250;

Unleashed Dog Pine Ave/No Report; Abandoned Vehicle Cedar Mill Rd; Medical Idaho St. Kooskia; Death Beaverslide Rd; civil dispute case Ave/No Report; Suspicious phone calls Highway 162/pending; Deliver message Idaho St/No Report; Barking Dogs Airport Rd Kamiah/No Report; Medical Gibler Rd Kamiah; Attack Hwy 13 MP 24/report taken; Loose Chickens Olive Branch Rd/No Report; Youth Issue East St; Loud Music Report Main St Clearwater/No Report; Medicinal Pine Road; Auto Theft Fir Rd/No Report – Civil;

civil dispute North C St; Report on Speeders South D & Elk St; Barking Dogs N Hall St;

Medical Transmission Kootenai; Agency Assistant Lewiston St; Medical care avenue;

Medical Little Salmon Overlook; Disordered Mill Rd White Bird/No Report; Social control led to arrest of 30-year-old White Bird man for possession of methamphetamine/disturbing the peace Chrane Hill Ln White Bird; Medical S Riggins Main Street; Drug paraphernalia found at Seven Devils Rd/Report Taken; Agency support Race Creek Rd/No Report; Disabled Vehicle Stites Rd & Lukes Gulch Rd; VIN Mt Idaho Grade Rd; property damage Hwy 95 S/Pending;

Missing Person Kamiah area/No Report; Medical Road 162 MP 19; Abandoned Vehicle Hwy 13 MP 9; Medicinal Pheasant Dr.; Vandalism Ping St/No Report – Civil; Report of Neglected Dogs Kim Place/No Report; medical American River Rd; Disabled Vehicle Woodland & Beaverslide Rd; Trespassing Hwy 13 MP 13/No Report; Cow Trouble Hwy 12; Death Paradise Campground area/pending;

Loud Music Scott St; Medical Transfer Airport Rd;

Suicide threats 1st South St;

Medical Keuterville Rd; Traffic led to indictment and release of 63-year-old Tulalip, WA for possession of marijuana/possession of paraphernalia Hwy 95 MP 238; rocks on roadway Hwy 13 MP 7-10/hand over to ITD; Mental health problems W Main St/No Report; One vehicle accident with no injuries Old Hwy 95/Transferred to ISP; Supply problem Rapid River/No report;

Harassment Hwy 13 MP 24/No Report; tree partially obstructs lane Hwy 12 MP 89/transferred to ITD; Theft Simler Ln/No Report – Civil; Harassment Ping St/No Report; Property damage S Main St/Result in subpoena issued to 37-year-old Kooskia man for battery, malicious infringement of property and disturbance of the peace; Harassment S Main St/No Report; Controlled Burn Clearcreek Rd;

Medical N Myrtle St; Loose Dog Hwy 13 & Truck Route; Disorderly W Main St; Medical N Myrtle St;

Medical N Main Street Riggins; Suspicious Vehicle Prairie Rd & Day Rd/Unable to Locate; Theft Old Hwy 95/report received; Reckless Driving Hwy 95 MP 187/No Report; Recovered Vehicle Hwy 12 & Hwy 13 Intersection; Theft Summer Breeze Ln/No Report; Suspicious Vehicle Hwy 95 MP 236/No Report; Medical S Riggins Main Street; Trespassing Greencreek Rd/No Report; Arrest Hwy 95 MP 203 / Resulted in the arrest of a 57-year-old Grangeville woman on a Nez Perce County criminal warrant, possession of meth and subpoenas for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia; Medical S Riggins Main Street; Medical Reservation Line Rd; Drugs Big Salmon Rd/led to arrest of 23-year-old Boise man for possession of fentanyl; Drugs Big Salmon Rd/led to arrest of 36-year-old Caldwell man for possession of cocaine; DUI Big Salmon Rd / Led to arrest of 27-year-old Riggins man on DUI, speeding subpoena; DUI Main St Riggins / Led to arrest of 34-year-old Texas man for DUI; Suspicious Noises Old Pollock Rd/Unfounded;

Medical Skyline Dr; Medical Skyline Dr; Medical Clearwater St; Welfare Check Sears Creek Rd/Location & Ok; Medical Nez Perce St; DWP Hwy 12 MP 80/Result of subpoena issued to 32-year-old Montana man for driving without privileges, without proof of insurance, and failing to renew registration; Domestic Dispute Battle Ridge Rd/No Report;

Suspect Man W Main St; Parking Problem Lake St & South A St; Medical Highway 13 MP 1;

Civil Standby North Street; Suspect Male Bash St; Suicide Danger 1. South St;

Disorderly Big Salmon Rd/Unfounded; Medical Big Salmon Rd; Drugs Big Salmon Rd/Result of subpoena issued to 41-year-old New Meadows woman for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia; Intoxication Shorts Bar/Score in 6 Minor in Consumption Citations Issued; Found Property Hauptstr. Riggins/No Report – Property Returned; Drugs Aces Pl/Result of subpoena issued to 42-year-old Riggins man for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia; Drugs N Main St Riggins/Result of subpoena served on 67-year-old Oregon woman for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia; Disorderly Big Salmon Rd / Led to arrest of 53-year-old McCall man for resisting and obstructing and open container; Drugs Main St. Riggins / Led to arrest of 26-year-old Nez Perce man on Nez Perce County warrant, subpoena issued for possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and open container; Disordered Main Street Riggins/No Report; Reckless Driving Hwy 95 MP 270/Transferred to ISP; Injury Accident Meadow Creek Rd/Transferred to ISP; Riggins Main Street traffic delay/Result of a subpoena issued to a 45-year-old Riggins man for failing to provide proof of insurance, failure to renew registration and fictitious display of number plates; Abandoned Vehicle Hwy 95 MP 254/transferred to ISP; Loose Cows Hwy 95 MP 216/Owner Recommended; Main St Riggins youth problem/report incorporated; Agency Assist Shorts Bar/No Report; Arrest of Main St. Riggins / Led to arrest of 38-year-old Nampa man on a Canyon County warrant and public intoxication on a freeway; DUI Main St Riggins / Led to arrest of 22-year-old Grangeville woman for DUI; DUI Hwy 95 MP 194 / Led to arrest of 19-year-old Oregon man for DUI; DUI Hwy 95 MP 187 / Led to arrest of 18-year-old Middleton man for DUI; Attempting to locate Grangeville by Riggins/Found & Ok;

Traffic Hazard Pine Rd/No Report; Reckless Driving Sally Ann Rd/Score in citation issued to 59-year-old Stites man for reckless driving; Injury Accident Lukes Gulch Rd/Report Taken; Missing Person Hwy 12 MP 142/ Turned Over to ISP; Fire Toll Rd;

supply problem Main & Idaho St; Prowler South B St; Fire South C St; Suspicious Vehicle East South St; Agency Assistance North B St; Suicidal South E St;

Medical shorts bar; Medical highway 95 MP 200; Harassment Syringa Dr/No Report; Loose Horse Hwy 95 MP 259/Unlocatable;

Harassment Glenwood Rd/No Report – Civil; Theft Barn Rd/Lead in arrest of 16-year-old Kamiah man on grand larceny and burglary charges; Assault Riggings Area/No Report;

Medical East North 2nd St; Youth Issue W Main St; Loose Dog West North 6th St; Communications W Main St;

civil dispute Lewiston St; Ambulance to Lewiston.

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