Singer Honey Singh to pay Rs 1 crore alimony for divorce settlement

Sanjay Sharma

Bombay,UPDATED: September 9, 2022 5:15 PM IST

From Aneesha Mathur, Sanjay Sharma: Punjabi singer Honey Singh who goes by the name Yo Yo Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar are officially divorced. Honey has paid Rs 1 crore alimony for the divorce settlement. In 2021, Shalini accused Honey Singh of domestic violence.

On Thursday, September 8, Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar settled alimony and alimony during a mediation hearing before the Saket Court in Delhi.

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Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar reached a divorce settlement in Delhi’s Saket Family Court on Thursday 8 September. During the hearing, in the presence of Judge Vinod Kumar, Honey Singh presented Shalini to Talwar with a check for Rs 1 crore as alimony in a sealed envelope.

The matter was settled in court following counter allegations between Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar. After that there was an agreement between the two on the alimony of Rs 1 crore. The next hearing of the case will be held on March 20, 2023, where the next application will be heard.


Earlier, Honey Singh made a statement on social media about the domestic violence case. He denied all allegations, calling the allegations “false and malicious”. Part of it read: “I have never made a public statement or press release in the past, despite being subjected to harsh criticism for my writing, speculation about my health and generally negative media coverage. However, I see no merit in maintaining a deliberate silence this time as some of the allegations were directed at my family, my elderly parents and my younger sister who stood by me and encompassed my world through some very difficult and difficult times. The allegations are cynical and defamatory (sic).”

Shalini Talwar had accused Honey Singh of sexual violence, psychological harassment, fraud and financial fraud.

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