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Singer Marya and now ex-husband Kevin Mutisya. PHOTO | COURTESY

Singer Mary Maina Wanjiru, popularly known as Marya, has split up with her husband.

The Chokoza hitmaker wanted to share the heartbreaking details of her failed marriage over the weekend.

She has been the wife of Kevin Mutisya for five years, and the couple is blessed with a three-year-old son.

In a series of Insta stories, the artist stated she had had enough of her Dubai ex whom she accused of infidelity. She also claimed the problems that led to this breakup drove her into depression.

“Women called me and told me that you were sleeping Pamoja (together) and how you were bad about me. It is good. It’s good Kevin, ni sawa (it’s okay), karma is off *** h. Nilivumilia sana your habits, but sasa nimetoka, mwisho (I stuck to your habits, but I have reached the end), ”she wrote.

Marya continued to accuse her husband of being a dead father.

“Keep calling me and texting me, call me. Call me a drug addict. Kila kitu (everything), all of these things that I did was to avoid seeing the truth. Paint me as badly as you want nimevumilia ya kutosha (I’ve persevered enough) I say. And for the lady who called me and bragged about how you were in my bed and I lost a good guy, you don’t know half of it, kaa hapo (stay with him) yours is coming. Kama mbaya mbaya (I’m ready for anything) I’m done. My son needs to see a happy mother, ”she wrote.

Marya reportedly reached out to well-known blogger Edgar Obare earlier this year and accused her now ex-husband of quitting. She also confirmed that she prevented him from visiting her son.

Obare is known for exposing fraudulent couples on social media.

And in a cryptic online post, Mutisya responded to her baby mom’s allegations by sharing a popular meme that in part stated that she should be careful about how she ends things.

“Be careful how you close a door. Never hit it, you might have to go through the same door tomorrow. “

The couple has walked this route in the past.

Two years ago, the two had a brief split after posting a cryptic message that she was no longer with her husband. But the two lovebirds at that time appeared later and discovered similar T-shirts with the imprint “Together since 2015, Team Chokoza”.

2015 is the year she released her hit Chokoza, a collaboration with her singer Avril.

Salma, the daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, later claimed Marya allegedly “stole” her aunt’s husband.

“Kevin is a married man … married to my aunt Jannie, a very beautiful woman, and they have children together so I don’t understand why a whole musician who is respected by Kenyans can go out with a married man”, claimed Salma.

She replied with the words: “I am very happy and I am nobody’s mpango wa kando (side dish). I’m in love and Kevin is my number one. He is divorced and has no children with his ex. We are adults and before anyone chats their mouth please collect your evidence. We’re both in love and nothing will stop us no matter what. “

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