Social media customers are reacting to Ashley Darby’s revelation that she won’t obtain baby assist in her divorce from Michael

Real Housewives of Potomac viewers were over the moon when Ashley Darby announced her split from Michael. After six seasons of embarrassing his behavior and cheating, she finally seemed to have had enough. But after she revealed the terms of her marriage contract during the reunion special, fans are stunned that she won’t be receiving any alimony.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for part one of the RHOP season 7 reunion.

Ashley Darby says she only gets spousal and child support from Michael in a divorce

The RHOP star filed for legal separation in 2022 after eight years of marriage and two children. Due to Virginia law, she was unable to file for divorce for another year. During the first part of the Season 7 reunion, Ashley has been open about how assets will be divided in their divorce, and she says she is not owed much. This comes after a season in which Ashley admits her reluctance to divorce Michael because of her financial dependency on him.

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“It just didn’t work out in my favor,” she told reunion host Andy Cohen. “Basically everything that Michael brought into the marriage belongs to him. The money that Michael earned and later put into other projects is considered his money because of the origin of the money. If he made that money before we got married and invested it in other projects, all the money from the other projects he invested in is still his.”

When asked by Gizelle Bryant if she knows how much Michael is worth or where his money is, Ashley said no. According to Ashley, their marriage contract is ironclad. She says she is not allowed to collect child support payments. Aside from providing child support for her two minor children, Ashley will keep the home she currently lives in, which she co-owns with Michael, and receive spousal support if she encounters financial difficulties.

Viewers are stunned by Ashley’s revelation. In Season 3, she had her marriage contract amended, which said that after five years of marriage and a divorce, she would be entitled to half of Michael’s fortune. She was obviously deceived. One Twitter user was puzzled that Ashley didn’t know what Michael was worth and where his money was, and suggested her lawyer investigate his finances further.

“Who is Ashley’s attorney!? You tell me no money was made during the marriage??? girl huh? Get a better attorney and go through those financial documents earned during this marriage! Michael’s attorney is all about you,” the user wrote.

Another noted that Ashley’s loyalty to Michael was in the vein. She famously stood by him amid cheating scandals and questions about his sexuality. And she walks away with nothing.

“Ashley Darby defended Michael Lucifer Darby for years just to be at the reunion with no check, no alimony, no property and she has two kids and a $13,000 mortgage,” they wrote.

Despite the contentious financial debate, Ashley says she and Michael have a good relationship. Her main focus is on raising their children together.

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