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Jun Ji Hyun

However, actress Jun Ji Hyun is currently refusing to officially divorce as it could potentially destroy her personal trading deals and contracts, especially when companies impose heavy fines if her hired model receives negative media attention due to scandals.

According to the Garo Sero Institute news stream on June 2, the point of sale went on to report that Jun Ji Hyun’s husband, Choi Joon Hyuk, has already left their house, and he has even noticed that he will no longer live with Jun Ji Hyun.

In addition, according to Jun Ji Hyun and her husband, rumors of their divorce have been circulating for 6 months. In the six months, the two could not fix their marriage.

A popular South Korean celebrity, Kim Young Ho, shared that there might be another woman in the relationship. Therefore, the reason for the divorce could be Choi Joon Hyuk’s infidelity to Jun Ji Hyun.

Kim Young Ho says, “Jun Ji Hyun’s thoughts are very complicated right now. I’ve heard that she is even considering emigrating to another country. She wants to cover it up well. I’ve also heard that there is a possibility for another woman who has favourited Therefore she wants a divorce. “

Culture Depot, Jun Ji Hyun’s entertainment agency, has not yet released its comments on the allegations.

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