Spouse chained by husband for three months on suspicion of infidelity | Jaipur information

Jaipur: A 40-year-old woman in Pratapgarh was found tied around her ankle with a 30 kg chain for over three months by her husband, who suspected her allegiance.
Police rescued an emaciated Jeeva Bai and later arrested five defendants, including her husband Bheru Lal and her son Raju, for unjustified restraint.
According to the SHO, Arnod Police Station, Ravindra Singh, Jeeva Bai alleged in their complaint to the police that her husband accused her of having illegal relationships and beat her in a drunk state.
“Jeeva Bai visited her mother, Sita Bai, to help her with farming and other household chores. Her mother lives alone in the village of Hinglat. Jeeva Bai was always concerned about her mother, but her husband suspected her of having illegal relationships, ”said Singh.
After Holi in early March this year, Bheru Lal fought and beat Jeeva Bai. The defendant then took out a 30 kg chain and tied it around his wife before locking her inside with a lock.
Bheru Lal’s older son, Raju, was also involved in the crime. Three of her relatives also helped the defendant to imprison the woman. The woman was later taken to a hut in the back yard, where she was fed once a day.
According to SHO Ravindra Singh, Beat Constable Nemi Chand went to the Jamburel area for regular checks. During his visit, the Beat Constable learned of Jeeva Bai’s plight.
Arnod police reached Bheru Lal’s house and rescued Jeeva Bai. Her chains were unlocked, after which she told the police that she was in extreme pain because she had been detained for so long.
The police registered an FIR under sections 341 (unauthorized restraint), 323 (cause injury) and 344 (unauthorized detention for ten or more days) of the IPC.
Police later arrested all of the defendants identified by the woman. “Her ankles were injured because she was tied to a chain,” said one officer.
The State Human Rights Commission has also requested a report from Pratapgarh SP on the matter.


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