Spouse fatally shot husband for “perceived infidelity,” prosecutors say

Jealousy over “perceived infidelity” prompted a Chicago woman to kill her 43-year-old husband in Englewood this week, prosecutors said in court on Wednesday when the woman was charged with murder.

Jacqueline F. Creekmore, 44, appeared before Judge Mary Marubio, who denied bail on Wednesday afternoon during a livestream hearing on the bond issue.

Creekmore is accused of killing Kevin Neely Monday in the 6500 block of South Perry Avenue after a previous domestic argument over Neely’s “perceived infidelity,” prosecutors said.

A few weeks before the killing, Creekmore “caught the victim in a car with another woman,” and Creekmore shot Neely but didn’t hit anyone, prosecutors said.

Early Monday morning, Creekmore had the same gun she had used a few weeks earlier, and she showed it to a witness when they were at Creekmore’s home on 7400 block on South Eggleston Avenue.

They then came to Neely’s house and started drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis on his porch while people came and went, prosecutors said.

At some point Neely put a small pistol in the back pocket of the witness and asked her to hold it, said the prosecutors. The witness was uncomfortable with it, so she gave the gun to Creekmore and went home around 2:30 am, leaving Neely and Creekmore alone.

Then, around 4:30 a.m., the two were in Neely’s car when they collided near 73rd Avenue and Wentworth Avenue

After making a full circle within the intersection, the car hit a light pole and came to a stop on the sidewalk. The two got out and had an argument before Creekmore got behind the wheel.

Neely asked Creekmore if she would “take up the gun,” and Creekmore fired three shots at him, followed by another about a minute later, prosecutors said. The sound of the gunshots was captured by ShotSpotter technology, a gunshot detection system used by the city, prosecutors said.

When Creekmore began to pull away from the car, she pointed a “black object” in Neely’s direction, but he got in the car, drove away, and crashed into a small park a few blocks away. When officers found he was “still accessible,” he was able to tell police that Creekmore shot him and referred to her as his “girlfriend” and her first name, which was captured by the officers’ body-worn camera.

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Neely, who died a short time later at the University of Chicago Medical Center, died of multiple gunshot wounds and his death has been classified as homicide, according to the Cook County coroner.

Two 9mm shell casings and a live cartridge were found at the scene, and officers found a “shot projectile” that struck the center console of the car.

Creekmore, who was arrested at her home the same morning as the shooting, is due to return to court on July 7th.


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