“Spouse is entitled to a rise in alimony after divorce if husband’s wage will increase”: Punjab and Haryana Excessive Court docket

Haryana, February 10th: The Punjab and Haryana Supreme Court issued an order ruling that if the husband’s salary increases during the period, the wife is entitled to an increase in child support after a divorce. According to a report by Zee News, the order was passed by Judge HS Madan after a petition filed by a husband was rejected.

The family court had raised the woman’s interim allowance from Rs 20,000 to Rs 28,000 after the husband received a raise at work. The husband called the court and asked how he could give the wife 28,000 rupees. He had put forward his argument that his salary had increased from Rs 95,000 to Rs 14,000, after deducting Rs 92,175. Wife is not a thing, husband cannot force her to live with him: Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court dismissed the case, making it clear that the wife is entitled to more alimony if the husband’s salary increases. The husband’s arguments were dismissed on the grounds that the High Court can only intervene in such a case if the order is against the law or is biased.

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