Spouse, sister within the police community for poisoning her husband to loss of life on suspicion of infidelity

A lady and her sister were arrested by officers from the Lagos State Police Department for allegedly poisoning their husband on suspicion of infidelity.

The suspect, whose name was Matilda, and her sister have been in custody in Ajah, Lagos, since the death of her husband Emem Etim Marley.

According to RNN Nigeria, Matilda found another woman’s picture on her husband’s phone and suspected him of infidelity. She is said to have tolerated with her sister to poison him on Sunday August 1st.

According to a relative, the neighbors knocked hard on her door after hearing Emem yell for help. Matilda and her sister locked him up and ran to her father’s house.

When the door was forcibly opened, the neighbors found the victim lying dead on the floor.

Neighbors lamented the sad incident because the couple married 8 months ago and Emem is said to have done everything for his wife to make her happy. He recently bought her a car and opened a store for her business.

“Matilda had sold the victim’s cars and hidden his land documents before she committed the crime. At the police station, she claims her husband drank a toxic substance on his own initiative, ”a source said.

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