St. John’s ranks # 1 in Canada as a hotspot for summer time infidelity in response to

We’re all in it together, and for some this summer that will take on a new meaning., an online dating site marketed to people who are married or living in a relationship, published Canada’s top 20 hotspots for infidelity this summer, and St. John’s is number one.

Paul Keable, chief strategy officer, says while Newfoundland fared much better from a COVID perspective on the lockdown, their website saw a dramatic increase in St. John’s new memberships when the lockdown began.

He says if you are in a relationship that has any problems or rifts and you force these people to lockdown a lot of time together – with no way to relieve that tension – those rifts will deepen and widen to grow.

Keable says the ranking is based on new member registrations per capita.

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