Stow Fire, police departments are searching for lacking particular person

For Immediate Release

STOW – Stow Fire and Police Departments responded to a call for a missing person at Honey Pot Hill Orchards on Saturday.

At approximately 5:09pm on Saturday December 17, Stow Police received an emergency call from a person lost at Honey Pot Hill Orchards, 144 Sudbury Road. An alarm was raised to bring about a large firefighting operation.

With the assistance of Stow Police Officers, the Stow Public Safety Dispatcher and Honey Pot Hill Orchard workers, the missing person was quickly located, examined and returned to the parking lot.

“Our public safety team and Honey Pot Hill Orchards workers came together to seamlessly develop a plan to quickly locate the missing person,” said Fire Chief John P. Benoit. “If you’re ever lost, remember to stop to call for help and stay where you are unless directed by a public safety dispatcher.”

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