Supervision of the investigation within the case of custody: HC to CP

  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 11/9/2021 6:00 am

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Court is suing police for late follow-up after the child’s father took them to UP

The Gujarat Supreme Court asked the city police superintendent to oversee the investigation into a case where a man took custody of his daughter and fled to Uttar Pradesh while the mother heard a habeas corpus motion.
The court attacked the police for not properly investigating the case and simply taking testimony instead of going to the location where the man’s whereabouts were determined. The court ordered the Odhav police to form a team to bring the six-year-old girl back from UP.
“The court does not expect the police to rest by simply taking testimony from neighbors. The lethargy is unbearable. The police agency’s approach is to immediately form a team and travel to the place where the whereabouts of the father and daughter are determined, book them and take them both to court, “the court said.
AGP Manan Mehta assured the HC that there would be no further delays on the part of the authorities in taking the necessary steps. “The police will react with concrete steps and get the father and daughter out of UP. The police commissioner Ahmedabad is instructed to personally monitor the next steps of his subordinates in the light of the present order, ”the court said.

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