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Unfortunately, infidelity is a common problem that has broken many relationships. Especially in marriages. Infidelity can lead you to question everything you have confided in your partner. Nothing hurts more than being cheated on by the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Often times, it is more difficult to forgive your partner for infidelity because of the following lies and deceptions. Many people are unwilling to forgive infidelity. Once they find out, they are ready to end the marriage or relationship. On the other hand, you are angry that you were betrayed and you don’t want your marriage to end in any special way. It would be really unfair if such a drastic mistake ruined the time, emotions, and energy you invested in the relationship. You most likely have the children you need to think about and build a life together. So it would be terrible to end it all without giving your marriage a second chance. In a situation like this, you should know that there are techniques both of you can use to save your marriage.

How do you overcome infidelity?

While there is no reason for infidelity, people cheat on their partners for a variety of reasons. Infidelity robs a relationship of trust, and when there is no trust, the relationship suffers. If you are the person who is being cheated on it raises many questions such as, “Is it because he stopped loving me?”, “How long has it been?”, “Can I get through this.” ? ” “Can I trust him / her again?” These questions run through your mind, and then you feel angry and devastated again. On the other hand, the person who cheated would most likely feel awful and wish that they could undo the mistake. In order to survive infidelity in your marriage or relationship, the most important thing is that the two of you must first be willing to communicate openly. It is not an easy challenge to overcome, but it is possible.

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You cheated on your partner. How can you fix that?

1. Take All the fault

The first step in fixing your error is to confirm that you made a mistake. It is not very wise to try to justify why you cheated on your partner. Often times, when a person is caught having an affair, they make different claims in order to feel better about what they’ve done. The most common excuse would be that your partner is not paying you as much attention as you would like or that your sex life is no longer active. There is no reason enough to cheat on your partner. One of the best ways to mend your broken marriage or relationship is to recognize your role and take responsibility for it, rather than trying to justify your infidelity.

2. Wait until your partner is ready to talk about it

When the truth comes out there are a lot of emotions that your partner would feel. Anger, sadness, confusion can’t even begin to cut it. In most cases, the first reaction you should expect from your partner is anger. At this point you can’t say or do anything that is right. It is advisable to give him / her space to process the ordeal and even if it takes weeks your partner will need the time and when he / she is ready to speak you should make yourself available. You deserve so much.

3. You owe your partner answers

I mentioned earlier that there will be so many questions going through your partner’s mind when he or she finds out that you are having an affair. No matter how irrelevant the questions may seem, you need to provide honest answers. This will help both of you know the areas that you will need to work on later. A not-so-smart move would be to turn down the questions your partner keeps asking. If you don’t answer honestly, your partner will start to embrace me and trust me when I say these are not positive things.

4. Make more effort

When your partner finds out that you have cheated on them, the feeling is definitely overwhelming. They withdraw and don’t even want to be around you. During times like these, you need to take small steps to show how repentant you are for your actions. Try to cook dinner or breakfast if you have time, come home early and try to have little conversations. The bottom line is that you need to build your relationship from scratch. A really good step would be to get him or her to fall in love with you and trust you again.

5. Be loyal to your partner

What does it take to be loyal? If you are to fix your marriage, you must first promise yourself that you will not cheat again. Accept that it was a terrible mistake and you will regret it. You would never want your partner to go through it again. Avoid this person like a plague as soon as you find yourself attracted to a colleague or a certain person throwing themselves at you.

You have been betrayed. How do you save your marriage / relationship?

1. You need to approach it head-on

The first step in addressing the issue of infidelity is to address it. Talk to your partner, yell at them and tell them they screwed up. You really don’t owe them any courtesy at this point. He or she betrayed your trust and hurt you. It is not ok! But hiding from talking about what happened won’t make things better. Dealing with the topic is a step towards progress.

2. Ask all the questions in your head

You don’t bother your partner. Every question you have makes you angry and hurt. When you know you don’t have an answer, you need to develop the mindset and ask yourself if I really need that answer. The more answers you get, the more calm you will become and the more able you will be to deal with the situation. If your partner is looking to clear things up, he is more than willing to answer your questions.

3. Be ready to communicate

You’re hurt and angry and part of you wants to hate him or her and you don’t even want to talk to them. You have every right to your feelings, as I mentioned earlier, and it’s not an easy process. You have to come to terms with the infidelity and be honest with your feelings. At some point you need to communicate with your partner who caused you pain. Be open to this partner’s concerns and allow time and space for communication. Set up mutually agreed days and times to talk about the situation and how you can both move forward. It can take time and definitely not in one session. Remember, infidelity doesn’t have to end the relationship.

4. Take as much time as you need

There is no rush here. Nobody gives you a deadline to settle or forgive your partner. Time for yourself is very important in clearing your mind and knowing what you want. Indeed, this is a good time to revisit your relationship vision and non-negotiable things. When you are comfortable enough to face your partner, you will be able to communicate your needs.

5. You cannot do it alone

Dealing with infidelity is not an easy process. If you don’t have the right support and advice, it can break your relationship. Family support is good, but they might be a little bit biased. Then you need an expert who can show you how to solve the affair crisis. I have looked at similar topics and I know the right approach for you.

Beverly Perryman aka “Spiceislandgirl” is a certified relationship and sexuality coach. Perryman is a healer. She masters the crisis of infidelity and helps develop a plan of action. Customers hire Perryman when they need a confidante. In contrast to the barbershop conversation, customers need and want relentless support from an unbiased person whom they can trust. That’s why they give their hearts to Perryman instead of confiding in someone they know. Customers also love Perryman’s approach to using the Japanese Kintsugi method to mend their broken marriage / relationship. It is very confidential to you. Perryman will be honest when an answer is unknown and always do research to ensure all customers are given the most accurate information. To learn more about Perryman and her practice, go to

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