Suspected of being untrue along with her husband, spouse throws the neighbor and her youngsters into the nicely

In a crime reported in Madhya Pradesh, a woman was allegedly dumped into a well with her children on suspicion of infidelity.

The woman’s neighbor is said to have suspected her of having an illicit love affair with her husband. While the woman was being rescued, her children drowned in the well.

The incident occurred on Monday around 6 p.m. in the Betul area. The bodies were recovered around 17 hours after the crime. According to the police, they were informed of the incident three hours later.

The 25-year-old victim was identified as Rita. On the day of the terrible crime, Rita was walking home with her children when she met her neighbor, who was identified as Pinky.

According to The Times of India, the two women allegedly started arguing and Pinky allegedly pushed the woman (Rita) into a well with her daughter in a fit of anger. Startled, Rita’s son tried to escape from the crime scene, but Pinky grabbed him and threw him into a well.

The victim tried to grab some roots in the well and hold on to them, but Pinky used stones to force the woman to lose her grip. Meanwhile, Rita’s uncle and other relatives heard her cries for help and rushed to the scene to rescue her.

While the woman’s relatives were able to save her, the children drowned. After the rescue, the woman told police that Pinky doubted her husband was having an affair with her. However, Rita claimed to have had no relationship with the man. Pinky was taken into police custody shortly after the crime and charged with the murder of two children.

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