Sussex’s most adulterous cities revealed in ‘Infidelity Index’

Nearly 20,000 people are having affairs in Brighton and Hove, a new report says.

The Infidelity Index, which uses data from Illicit Encounters, a married dating site, found that adultery is “booming” in the city, with 12 percent more people cheating on their partners than last year.

According to the Index, around 19,233 people in the city have had an affair in Brighton and Hove, up from 16,973 last year.

Despite the rise, Brighton has fallen from third to tenth in a national ranking of adulterers as a percentage of population, at 3.7 per cent.

Chester topped the list with 4.52 per cent of the city cheating on its partners, followed by Canterbury at 4.4 per cent and Leeds at 4.31 per cent.

Lewes and Newhaven each saw more scammers this year, up 6 percent and 10 percent respectively, while Hastings and Eastbourne saw a 40 percent and 24 percent drop in the number of people having affairs, respectively.

Number of people having affairs in towns and communities in Sussex

  • Brighton and Hove – 19,233
  • Crawley – 2,070
  • Horsham – 1,164
  • Chichester – 898
  • Eastbourne – 724
  • East Grinstead – 676
  • Bognor-653
  • Hayward’s Heath – 648
  • Worthing-589
  • Littlehampton – 563
  • Uckfeld – 551
  • Citizen Hill – 538
  • Lewes 440
  • Shoreham-292
  • Arundel – 291

A spokeswoman for Illicit Encounters said: “The cost of living crisis has been a huge factor in the increase in affairs.

“Sex is one of the few things you can do for free and is a great way to relieve stress.

“Less unhappier couples can afford to get divorced because the cost of furnishing two homes is astronomical. Much cheaper to stay in an unhappy relationship and have a discreet affair.

“A second factor was that post-Covid life was finally getting back to normal and scammers were making up for lost time after two years of restrictions.

“The holiday season is always a boom time for affairs because most people are back in the office looking for some fun.”

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