Taking pictures of a MN forensic scientist in reference to a custody battle

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (KROC-AM News) — The father of the young child of a Minneapolis Police Department forensic scientist and the man’s current girlfriend have been charged in connection with a recent shooting that left the victim in critical condition.

Timothy Amacher, 41, and Colleen Larson, 24, of St. Paul, were charged with attempted first-degree murder in Hennepin District Court this afternoon. The criminal complaint against Amacher also includes one count of aiding and abetting. Bail for each of the defendants was set at $1 million.

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The prosecution alleges the victim went to pick up her five-year-old child at an assisted-living parenting center and was waiting in front of her vehicle in the parking lot when Colleen Larson approached her and shot her several times at point-blank range. She sustained gunshot wounds to her neck and right arm. She remains hospitalized but is expected to survive, according to Hennepin County officials.

Court documents show that Amacher is the father of the victim’s child and he is named in court orders limiting his visits to the child to monitoring of contact. A press release from the assisting district attorney’s office described the couple’s relationship as “shaken by domestic violence, stalking and harassment.”

Rochester man shot dead while in vehicle

Rochester man shot dead while in vehicle

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