Talabat app reveals his husband’s infidelity and his spouse catches him red-handed with a international woman in Dubai

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A notification via the Talabat app resulted in an Arab woman discovering her husband’s infidelity after arriving in a hotel room to find him accompanying a foreign girl.

The woman quarreled with her husband on the scene, and the argument turned into an attack on her. She then reported to the police that her husband attacked her and inflicted several injuries on her.

The police referred the incident and those involved to the public prosecutor, who in turn referred them to the court.

The court of first instance acquitted the husband of the charge of assault on his wife and the appeals court upheld the verdict.

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The case dates back to June 2020 when an Arab woman received a notification from the Talabat app the couple shared.

She called the restaurant, which confirmed the validity of the request and her address at a hotel in Dubai. According to the woman’s statement, she went straight to the address to be surprised by her husband with a foreign girl in the room.


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She started yelling at her husband and this turned into an argument, she said, adding that he attacked her hands and feet.

She later took out her cell phone to call the police, but he took it from her.

However, she managed to get the cell phone back and call the police, but her husband fled.

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She then went to the hospital to get a medical examination sheet that showed injuries that resulted in pain and inflammation in her shoulder, and swelling in the heel of her left foot and fingers on her right hand.

The husband admitted that he and his wife had an argument that turned into a fist fight, but denied causing injuries that resulted in his wife being disabled, as she claims.

He argued that the injuries she sustained were due to dangerous sports such as horse riding, diving and yoga.

He added that there were differences between him and his wife and filed a divorce case with the Personal Status Court.

According to the forensic report, the woman suffered injuries that prevented her from doing personal activities for more than 20 days, and the attack resulted in an estimated 5 percent permanent disability.

However, the husband insisted that he had nothing to do with her injuries and brought documents containing medical reports from the hospital from the days before the incident. The records indicated that the woman had pain in her right shoulder due to a partial dislocation of the right joint. The court of first instance acquitted the husband of the charge of bodily harm and the verdict was upheld by the appeals court.

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