Tamara Baez’s lawyer reveals how a lot El-Gante paid her ex-partner in alimony: ‘It’s financial violence’

The split between Tamara Baez and El-Gento The controversy stemmed from rumors suggesting that Cambiero may have started an affair with Wanda Nara. But there are legal issues beyond media impact, such as food quotas for her daughter Jamaica, who just turned one a few weeks ago.

As Bez’s attorney revealed in an interview with Nosotros a la Manana (El Tres), The girl asked for a girth So that the producer of Kumbia 420 stays away from her and her daughter and also counts how much money she sends each month for the baby food quota.

That assured lawyer Juan Pablo Merlo L-Gante “spends 50,000 pesos a month” Tamara Báez. toSomething that could be called “economic violence” in court, as he described it.

L-Gante and Tamara Báez with their daughter Jamaica.

“Tamara supports her daughter in what she is going through. Mom feeds him, pays for his community work, buys his clothes, celebrates his birthday.”Said Merlo, clarifying that the perimeter ban was requested by Baez himself when He condemned Cambiero for his misconduct in the judiciary.

“The food quota is set at 20, 25 or 30% (the father who earns white) and varies depending on the job the man or woman has or how long it takes to take that child.” condition and standard. Then, If we do the math, El-Gante makes 250,000 pesos a month, and I don’t think they charge that.”The lawyer said.

El-Gante’s legal representative, Alejandro Cipolla, told the same TV series that the Jamaican father “gave his former partner 300,000 pesos for daily expenses,” arguing that “he will pay the daughter.” On the other hand, he added, “He has no obligation to support Tamara.”

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