“Teen Mother” ​​star admits she “cheated on much more” when her husband’s infidelity reappears

Teen mom star Mackenzie Mckee wants her followers to know that she is not sitting aside as a “weak little” housewife amid her husband’s alleged fraud controversy. Mckee responded to the many comments she received for standing by her husband during the ordeal, with a few selected words in a video rant. “I’m so happy you know more about my life than my life because I was diagnosed with an ‘idiotic woman taking back a serially cheating husband,'” she said sarcastically.

She went on to tell her that she “cheated on far more than he did. “Baby, I know my self-worth,” she added. Mckee also made sure the “narcissist” conversation ended and said, “We can call Josh a dumba – because he was a dumba – but at least he’s not a narcissist.” “Josh has never checked me, told me what to do or hit me,” she continued. “If you want to diagnose him with narcissism, give me the facts.”

One thing is certain: McKee is “tired of bullsh * t [and] I’m tired of these messages getting in my way. “The Teen Mom says the show’s final season portrayed her as a“ weak little ”mother and wife by highlighting her husband’s flaws without talking about her McKee’s. She claims this is not the real story in her household. “I’m not staying with a cheating husband on my mother’s side,” she continued on the video. “If only I had been his loyal little darling to him and he cheated, do you think I would be with him? No! No, I wouldn’t. “

Mckee moved to Florida last year after the fraud allegations came out in an attempt to start over, and her husband Josh joined the family shortly afterwards. “[People ask]”How do you fight for him?” I don’t fight for him, “she described.” I came to Florida and he came to be with us. I never asked him to. I don’t fight for him and I never will. If Josh wants to go, don’t let that door hit you. “The couple married in 2013 and have three children together: Gannon, 9, Jaxie (7) and Broncs (4).

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