Texas gunman shoots ex-wife 4 occasions on court docket look over custody battle, MPs say

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – An armed man shot his ex-wife four times on Monday morning, the day they were due to appear in court for a child custody hearing, officials in Texas said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a house on Memorial Crossing Drive near Memorial Falls Drive at around 3:30 a.m. Monday in response to a shooting / home invasion.

A preliminary investigation found that the woman’s ex-husband cut off the power to her home, broke into the rear window and shot her four times.

The suspected shooter, Aaron B. Wright, was located and arrested late Monday morning and was posted in the Harris County Jail, according to Gonzalez. He is accused of serious bodily harm.

The woman is in stable condition, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

According to Harris County Assistant Investigator John Mook, the couple had been divorced for about a year.

Her four children, ages 5 to 12, were at home and slept in their beds while filming, according to Mook. They were all unharmed.

Investigators say Wright may have expected to lose custody of the children when the two were due to appear for a custody hearing in court on Monday.

Wright reportedly used the electrical box on the side of the house, which was unlocked at the time of the shooting, to turn off the electricity.

When asked if Wright had made any prior threats, Mook said he had a history with the woman’s new boyfriend.

“I understand he threatened the new boyfriend several times,” said Mook. “I’m sure this was a contentious divorce too. We’re looking into all of this.”

The surveillance video shows a second suspect with Wright at the scene. MPs believe the second suspect is Wright’s new girlfriend.

It is unclear whether she was arrested when Wright was taken into custody Monday.

The couple reportedly drove to the house in Wright’s work truck, parked down the street and approached on foot. According to Mook, they both fled the scene on foot.

As part of the investigation, a K-9 unit searched Wright’s home and business approximately 40 minutes from the crime scene in northern Harris County, MPs said.

According to investigators, the four children are safe with their grandmother.

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