The case turns into darker than Bidyabharati “infidelity” of the late Paralakhemundi ACF. asserts

Bhubaneswar: Dark secrets slowly emerge as police investigate the mysterious death of Paralakhemundi Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) Saumya Ranjan Mohapatra. The ACF died on July 13 after suffering 90 percent burns. July 12. Since Soumya’s death, his family members have accused his wife, Bidyabharati, and the Gajapti District Forestry Bureau, Sangram Keshari Behara, of allegedly “killing” the ACF. Bidyabharati has now made a number of new allegations against the deceased forest official. Her revelations have shed light on the tumultuous relationship between the two.

Bidyabharati has made allegations of infidelity against her late husband. She stated that he was in love with another woman. Bidyabharati shared an audio clip telling Saumya to give her his cell phone. You hear them say that cell phone history will prove that he was “in a relationship” with someone else. Saumya, on the other hand, denies all allegations and says that he will not give Bidyabharati his cell phone.

“I once saw Saumya get a call from an unknown number on his cell phone. He used headphones while taking the call. Even then I could hear a female voice asking him why Saumya had no contact with her, “Bidyabharati was quoted by a section of the media. She also alleged that Saumya texted someone else saying “I love you”.

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“I was trying to find out the real truth. However, I couldn’t because Saumya kept changing the password of his cell phone number. He was also very careful to clear his call and chat history every now and then. He had also deleted his original Facebook account and reopened it under a different name. He did it on purpose so that no one could find out what he was up to, ”claimed Bidyabharati.

Bidyabharati also said that her in-laws’ allegations against her are baseless. She claimed that she did not have an “affair” with sangram. She also denied that there was an agreement between her and Saumya on “no physical relationship until the end of a year of marriage,” as suggested by the mother of the late officer Tulasi. She also said that she has no record of ownership of Saumya’s property and salary after his death.

“Contrary to what my parents-in-law claimed, I never went to the Gajapati DFO residence after quarreling with my husband,” claimed Bidyabharati.

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