The city of Cheongju in Chungcheongbuk-do province is paying maintenance to an official who applied for compensation.

The court stated: “We have to pay one million won in fees.”

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The city of Cheongju in Chungcheongbuk-do province must pay maintenance to an official who demanded compensation from Mayor Lee Beom-seok for “workplace bullying” and “personal discrimination.”

Song Kyung-geun, a senior judge of the 8th Civil Affairs Division of the Cheongju District Court, ruled on the 18th that Mayor Lee must pay 1 million won in alimony to Mayor Lee Beom-seok as part of a damages lawsuit filed by a Cheongju official.

Mr. A filed a lawsuit in March last year, claiming that Mayor Lee issued greetings based on certain backgrounds and schools despite his job performance, that he was bullied at work by his direct supervisor, and that he suffered psychological harm due to failure to take appropriate action.

The amount of the lawsuit was initially set at 100 won to symbolize Mayor Lee's apology, but was later increased to 100 million won.

The court ruled that the HR manager had abused his discretionary powers too much with the evidence presented by A alone, which had led to a disadvantage in personnel management. Or I ruled that it was difficult to recognize that a direct mass existed.

The harassment at the workplace probably also took place without major problems because A reported to examiners and others and took sick leave and leave of absence.

However, Cheongju City should have evaluated the “satisfaction with the damage report” after investigating the workplace harassment, but admitted that the procedure was flawed because it was not carried out properly. The court ruled that A must have suffered mental pain because the procedure was not followed.

“The defendant argues that the satisfaction evaluation is not a mandatory procedure, but is fundamentally necessary to communicate the results and obtain an evaluation,” said Chief Justice Song. “Although it is not considered appropriate in the manner or procedure in which the plaintiff raised the issue, the defendant should pay maintenance in the sense that he should clarify the procedure if there are any reports of workplace harassment in the future.”

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