The Condom and Different Tales by Peter Chika offers with relationships, infidelity and character flaws

Peter Chika brings the book THE CONDOM AND OTHER STORIES. The book contains seventeen humorous stories dealing with relationships, infidelity and character flaws.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Houston, Texas, May 9, 2022 ( – Author Peter Tschika has published his latest book “THE CONDOM AND OTHER STORIES”. The book is one of the most impressive books to come out in recent times. It delves deep into its characters. Author Peter Chika strategically planned characters such as cheating spouses and backstabbing friends to bring out the deepest human psychology. Also, the characters are colorful. Readers will feel both love and hate feelings for the characters. The stories are generally humorous. However, the twists in between will make you engage with the book.

One of the most interesting characters in one of the book’s stories is Ada. The way the author has maneuvered the characters’ growth is brilliant. It brings out different shades of character. Another character, Nez, nonchalant by nature, tries to fail her Visa interview. But why? To explore the character, you must read this book by Peter. With each story, the book wittily builds puzzles and leaves you enchanted and entertained by the end. Another character, narrow-minded Susan, is a chorister and prayer warrior. Here in the book you get characters that represent different sides of a human being: mental, physical and sexual.

The protagonists of the stories are loved and hated for their virtues or scruples. All seventeen stories are entertaining. They also focus on the flaws in a relationship, external affairs, sexual infidelity, and others. The artist did a great job of making the book so alive. The characters will feel like the people next door. It’s his ability to conceive and write such characters that connect with people instantly. With each subsequent page, you will unfold different characteristics of the author’s writing techniques and character-building mechanism. So if you want to read exciting, humorous and lively stories that satisfy your thirst for reading, read the book “THE CONDOM AND OTHER STORIES” from the author Peter Tschika. The book is available on its official website. Check out the book there. To learn more about him, check out his twitter, and Facebook Profile.

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