The Decatur man’s homicide was on account of a dispute over youngster custody, in line with courtroom paperwork

KALAMAZOO COUNTY, MI – A fatal shooting of a man in Kalamazoo last month resulted from a dispute over child custody, according to court documents.

Michael Underwood III, 25, was shot dead on July 24th at the Haven on Main apartment complex, 3430 W. Main St.

Darrell Felton Jr., 27, was arrested the same day in connection with the shooting, Kalamazoo Township Police said. Felton has been charged with murder and firearms crimes in Kalamazoo County District Court.

Relatives: A man from Kalamazoo Township is charged with murder in fatal shooting

Felton told police he had custody of his four-year-old son that weekend when the boy called his mother and asked to be picked up, according to the likely affidavit. Calling the parents who don’t have him is a game the boy usually plays, Felton said.

The boy’s mother called Felton to say she would come over and pick him up, but Felton said it wasn’t necessary and the child was fine, the affidavit said. Underwood from Decatur was with the boy’s mother.

Then Underwood called Felton and was told not to come, Felton told police. The child’s mother then called Felton again to say they were outside his home, the affidavit reads.

Before Felton and his girlfriend went outside, he grabbed a gun from the counter, he told police. Felton said he always carries a gun when leaving his house, the affidavit reads.

Underwood and the child’s mother were in their car when Felton and his girlfriend approached, the affidavit said. Underwood and Felton’s girlfriend started arguing and she spat at Underwood, she told police.

If Felton’s girlfriend Underwood didn’t pull back, the man said he was going to “punch Felton in the ass,” Felton told police.

Underwood then got out of the car, the affidavit said.

Felton’s girlfriend said Underwood was after Felton, while Felton said Underwood was after Felton’s girlfriend, the affidavit said. There was a car door between Underwood and Felton’s girlfriend, she told police.

Felton is scheduled for a likely causes conference on August 4th before Kalamazoo District Court judge Tiffany Ankley.

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