The District Attorney is requesting a GPS tracker for a man accused of shooting at Tops in Manlius

VILLAGE OF MANLIUS, NY (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County District Attorney has officially requested that a GPS tracking device be assigned to the man accused of threatening a racist mass shooting at Tops Friendly Market in the village of Manlius.

Prosecutor Bill Fitzpatrick confirmed to NewsChannel 9 on Wednesday, March 15, that a tracking bracelet is not currently a feature of 20-year-old Zachary Mullen’s pre-trial release with “enhanced surveillance”.

Manlius police arrest a 20-year-old who allegedly threatened a mass shooting on Tops

The judge was legally unable to hold Mullen on bail following his arrest on Saturday, March 11, due to state law limitations on the charges. Mullen is accused of making a terrorist threat.

The “enhanced oversight” ordered by the judge places responsibility on the Onondaga County Parole Board for trying to keep Mullen from re-offending while he is out of prison.

In addition to the criminal charges, a Supreme Court Justice has granted a motion for an extreme risk protection order against Mullen.

The temporary order allowed police to confiscate the guns, giving more credibility to his written online threat. A hearing on Friday March 17 will decide whether the ban should last for a full year.

A company spokesman for Tops Friendly Markets promises more security at the Manlius site. No changes were apparent outside the store. A privately hired officer was stationed just inside the front entrance.

Exceptionally for the department, Manlius Police refused to answer any questions related to the case until some sort of unclear authorization was received.

The council issued a statement:

“Given that the online threat reportedly included racist language, we want to acknowledge the fear, concern and trauma that members of our community may also be experiencing.

We condemn the use of hate speech and acts of violence and discrimination against others and believe that anti-racism work is also violence prevention.

We will be reaching out to Tops leaders and our community partners to have a conversation about how we live up to this commitment and ensure our operations are aligned. Please contact us at with your willingness to participate in this conversation.”

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