The Economy Secretary is following gasoline distribution and anti-smuggling efforts, together with GPS monitoring

At a meeting yesterday at the ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli, Ministry of Economy and Trade Mohamed Hwej elaborated on the fuel distribution mechanism.

The meeting was attended by the Head of the City Guard, Major General Rajab Gatusa, and in the presence of the Head of the Privatization and Investment Board (PIB), the Director of the Department of Internal Trade of the Ministry, the Director of the Operations Department of the Brega Oil Marketing Company and the Bakers Syndicate,

The meeting followed the procedures for the implementation of the decision of the Minister of Economy and Trade No. 407 of 2021 on the adjustment of the fuel distribution mechanism, especially in the southern regions. The participants also proposed the establishment of gas stations and vehicles for the transport of fuel owned by the Brega Oil Marketing Company.

Emphasizing the need for fuel transport vehicles to be equipped with a GPS tracking device and a meter showing the amount of liters transported in the truck and requiring petrol station owners to have e-mail addresses (GPS locations). .

The process of importing gas cylinders was also discussed, with the minister emphasizing the need to comply with the specifications approved by the Brega Oil Marketing Company, as well as the possibility of allocating special stations to supply fuel to bakeries in the south.

GPS tracking proposed last April
It should be recalled that in April last year the Economy Ministry actually first floated the idea of ​​using GPS devices to track tankers to combat the smuggling of Libya’s heavily subsidized fuel. The heavy subsidies have meant that fuel shipped to regions, particularly the south, is smuggled to neighboring countries to be sold there at near-international prices.

implementation failure
However, no implementation of Decision 407/2021 to install GPS tracking systems to track the movement of vans or meters to measure the amount of fuel each truck receives at the tank farm and delivers to the end user. Some are not convinced that the idea can be implemented in Libya.

Replace subsidies with direct cash payments
Critics say the best way to ensure Libya’s fuel is not smuggled is to replace heavy subsidies with direct cash payments to citizens.

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