The EU proposes the use of GPS tracking to control Ukrainian transport companies

The European Commission is reportedly discussing the introduction of GPS trackers for Ukrainian transport companies entering Poland as part of additional control measures.

Source: RMF24 citing its sources, European Pravda reports

Details: According to sources, in response to the Polish protests, the European Commission is reportedly considering installing a GPS tracker in Ukrainian trucks to control where drivers in Poland go next and whether it corresponds to the specified route.

It is reported that the European Commission has no plans to reintroduce the permit system for Ukrainian carriers, as demanded by Polish transport companies protesting at the border.


  • On March 5, the European Commission published a proposal to extend the road freight transport agreement with Ukraine, as well as some changes to reassure European (mainly Polish) transport companies.

  • The Road Transport Policy Department is working on possible changes and a working group of the Council of the EU will be formed in the coming weeks.

Background: The agreement on the liberalization of freight transport between Ukraine and the EU was first signed in June 2022 and later extended until the end of June 2024. The same agreement was reached with Moldova.

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