The family of a Las Vegas woman who was shot to death with her husband is accusing her of deterrent threats from her ex-husband in a custody dispute

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April 17, 2024, 9:14 am ET

The family of a Las Vegas woman who was killed along with her husband claims her ex sent her threats

The family of a Las Vegas woman shot to death by her former father-in-law has uncovered chilling text message threats allegedly sent by her ex-husband, the killer's son – including one that said: “I don't want you.” see, unless you…” “I’m in a coffin.”

Ashley Prince, 30, and her husband Dennis Prince, 57, a well-known attorney, were shot April 8 during a deposition at the Prince Law Group office by Joseph Houston II, 77, also an attorney.

The testimony concerned two children Ashley shared with her ex-husband, attorney Dylan Edward Houston, who was represented by his father.

Paul and Julie Page speak to reporters in Las Vegas on Monday. AP

The elder Houston, who was suffering from terminal cancer, killed himself after shooting the couple, officials said.

Ashley's father, Paul Page, has alleged that Dylan Houston subjected her to verbal and mental abuse and chilling threats over the past two years during the bitter custody of their two young children.

She faced “relentless harassment with death threats and menacing verbal abuse, including at times up to 70 text messages per day,” Page said during a news conference this week, the Review Journal reported.

“Dylan texted Ashley: 'Prepare for a future on your knees and I will carve you into a weaker and worthless sack of bones,'” Page read, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

In another message, the grieving father said Dylan texted Ashley: “And I'm going to crush you in ways you don't even understand and after all I don't want to see you unless you're in a coffin.” .”

Five days before the shooting, Dylan emailed Dennis: “You have no idea what's coming, all your cards are on the table and I haven't played any yet ” says the documents obtained by 8 News Now.

Ashley and Dennis Prince pictured in October 2023. KTNV

According to court documents cited by the outlet, Dylan was required to submit to a breathalyzer test before spending time with the children.

Ashley had also raised safety concerns before the fateful custody announcement.

“Do you have a private security company that you recommend?” She texted private investigator Hal De Becker, 8 News Now reported. “Dylan has a lot of guns in this house.”

Ashely's mother, Julie Page, said she “lived in constant fear for her safety and that of her children. “She fought relentlessly and unfortunately all of our fears became reality.”

Lawyer Dennis Prince and his wife were shot. Facebook

The mother added: “At one point he didn’t see the children for several months because of drug use. As soon as he was allowed visitors, he was under supervision. It never seemed to bother him.”

The two children were temporarily in the care of Ashley's sister Lexie, 27, the Review Journal reported.

According to Fox 5 Vegas, Julie said her daughter was once granted a restraining order against her ex-husband.

In April 2022, Judge Bill Henderson ordered Dylan Houston to stay at least 100 yards away from Ashley's home, her work and her parents' house, the outlet reported.

She said the court ordered Dylan to communicate with Ashley only through a court-approved messaging app that allowed officers to monitor communications.

“Dylan did not stop the verbal abuse and threatening messages, but never faced any legal consequences,” Julie claimed.

Ashley's 26-year-old brother Bryce Page said his sister was the happiest she has ever been after the recent birth of her daughter.

“Ashley was the most confident, considerate and charismatic mother, daughter and sister,” he said, according to the Review Journal. “Her passion was interior design. Everything she touched made her beautiful.”

On Monday, the Houston family issued a statement about the tragedy.

“We cannot imagine the devastating sense of loss felt by the Page and Prince families. We understand their shock and anger. We are shocked too. “None of us could ever imagine that our loving father would do something so completely out of character,” it said.

Dennis Prince in a portrait in his law office where he was shot. PRINCE LAW GROUP

“Our hope is that despite the darkness, despair and sadness, we can focus on the needs of the children. This focus also extends to refraining from rebuttals and public accusations. Dylan is a dedicated father and is particularly committed to the well-being of his children. We hope Dylan and his children will be together soon and we can all begin healing,” they added.

Just last week, Dylan was listed as a partner on the website for Resnick & Louis' Las Vegas offices, but his name was removed and a link to his bio returned a “page not found” error message.

He denied any prior knowledge of his father's attack.

The Pages' attorney, Dana Dwiggins, told the Review Journal that at the time of the shooting, the princes were “fighting for sole custody of Ashley's two oldest children.”

Dwiggins told reporters that the Pages plan to file a guardianship petition for the children.

Julie Page said Monday: “We are committed to carrying on her legacy and fighting for the long-term safety of our grandchildren.”

She added: “We are committed to carrying on her legacy and fighting for the long-term safety of our grandchildren.”

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