The general public faculties in Marquette Space can now supply real-time GPS monitoring on college buses

MARQUETTE, Michigan (WLUC) – Marquette Area Public Schools (MAPS) install tracking devices on school buses.

“We want to be more transparent. We want our parents to really have this knowledge. Our parents ask about it and instead of guessing when buses will arrive, we want to give them that information, ”said Bill Saunders, superintendent of the Marquette Area Public Schools.

The system will keep schools and families safe.

Each bus has a GPS locator that allows families to use the Here Comes the Bus app to notify them exactly where their student’s bus is and when it will arrive.

The app shows parents the bus route and stops and whether their child is on the move with their school IDs.

“There is also a student scanning system. When you get on the bus, scan it and now we know who is on the bus, ”Saunders said.

That means, if there are any problems, the parents will be notified via SMS, phone call or press release.

“From that point of view, we can really find out which students are where.”

Saunders said two buses will be installing the equipment for a test run over the next few weeks, and if things go well, MAPS will add it to all 20 school buses in fall 2021.

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