The Influence of Coronavirus Shutdown on Upkeep and Servicing Jobs Pullman & Comley, LLC

The world has changed in the last two weeks. The support agreement you negotiated in 2018 or 2019 may be at risk. With the economy in turmoil, the coronavirus has already affected many people’s weekly earnings. With the court’s closure, many family law practitioners have sought advice from the Supreme Court on what steps can now be taken to maintain a right to retrospective application of child support changes. Are these inquiries the harbinger of an upcoming spate of requests for the ruling seeking maintenance changes for children? We will see.

Changes in maintenance and support cannot be guaranteed – even if there has been a loss of job or income disruptions. In certain circumstances, the Supreme Court may base a benefit payment on an “ability to work” that does not reflect that person’s actual income. The change process can be particularly complex for business owners who are subject to support mandates. In many of these cases, experts can be used successfully to determine or contest an alleged reduction in compensation for a business owner. We work closely with our clients and have access to the most trusted forensic accounting and valuation experts in the region.

Pullman & Comley attorneys have been closely monitoring the multiple impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and professionals, including law firms. The company’s FOCUS page with the latest COVID-19 notices can be found here.

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