The knowledge within the Heidi Planck lacking case continues to rise – CBS Los Angeles

Irvine (CBSLA) – In the past few days, new information has repeatedly come to light in the missing person case of Heidi Planck.

On October 29, officers broke into her home with an arrest warrant and guns drawn, expecting to find a crime scene.

On Wednesday, detectives confiscated security video footage from the apartment complex where Planck’s dog was found alone on the 28th floor. The complex had previously not cooperated with the investigation and refused to release any security material without an arrest warrant.

On Thursday, investigators announced that they had found a new video of Planck’s boss Jason Sugarman in their home just two days before their disappearance. Sugarman and his company Camden Capital Partners are currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Planck acts as the company’s financial controller. The company reportedly stole $ 43 million from pension funds.

Today there are reports of a new video showing Planck in the condominium just hours before her dog was found.

According to other reports, Planck’s ex-husband, Jim Wayne, her son’s father, was awarded sole custody of the boy in court on Friday after petitioning Planck just days after his last visit. They previously had joint custody of their son.

As a justification for the request for sole custody, he cites Planck’s disappearance: “I urgently need these orders to send my son into therapy immediately, because he is completely desperate about his mother’s disappearance.”

Even more information suggests that Wayne allegedly took Planck’s work laptop and personal phone on October 20 and kept them for more than a week before handing them over to authorities.

Just a few weeks ago, Wayne shared his opinion that her disappearance may be related to the investigation at her workplace.

Wayne declined to comment when CBSLA reporters contacted him on Friday.

The authorities have not yet identified a person of interest in the case.

On Sunday, November 7th, Planck has been missing for three weeks. Friends are planning a prayer vigil for her on Sunday in the residential complex.

The same friends and family worked endlessly to find Heidi and they posted signs all over Los Angeles.

Planck, 39, has been missing since she was last seen at her son’s soccer game on October 17. Her dog was found hours later on the 28th floor of an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles, with no explanation as to why Planck was nowhere to be seen.

The last time she was seen, Planck was wearing jeans and a gray sweater and driving her gray 2017 Range Rover with the black and yellow California license plate “U840X0”. She is white, 5 feet to 3 inches tall, and weighs about 120 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you have seen or have seen any information regarding the whereabouts of Planck, Heidi, please call the Los Angeles Police Department Missing Persons Department at 213-996-1800.

Outside business hours or on weekends, calls should be made to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to

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