The man suspects his spouse’s infidelity and kills her

  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 07.09.2022 06:00 a.m

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He later dies by suicide, note found of him; Children blame the role of stepbrothers

A domestic dispute came to a tragic end for a middle-aged couple in Bavla when the husband hacked his wife to death, after which he too committed suicide. The couple married six months ago. The man had suspected his wife of extramarital affairs.
The deceased have been identified as Gaurang Mahant, 52, and Bhavna Mahant, 47, residents of the Shreenand Park Society in Bavla. The two were formerly married and have adult children from their previous marriages. Both had separated from their spouses and got married about six months ago.
When the couple did not open their front door on Monday, even after knocking several times, neighbors called the police control center, according to the police. Upon entering the home, police found Bhavna lying in a pool of blood while Gaurang’s body lay in another room. Foam had formed near his mouth. Police found a suicide note said to have been written by Gaurang. It said he was upset about his wife’s alleged extramarital affairs with other men. They also had domestic disputes.
Police registered a murder charge against the late Gaurang and further investigation into the matter is ongoing. During interrogation, Bhavna’s children raised suspicions about their stepbrothers. They told the police that there was constant trouble in the family. Once her mother was locked in a room and threatened that if she ventured out she would be run over by a truck. It has also been claimed that Bhavna has been attacked with acid in the past.AM

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